Lead auditor and internal auditor training courses

Our auditing training courses will teach you how to perform an effective, value adding audit in alignment with ISO 19011, Guidelines for auditing management systems.

Designed to cater for an audit of any management system, the courses will provide you with the skills needed to perform audits in any workplace. The 2 day Becoming a Skilled Lead Internal/ External auditor course, which can be arranged with a combination of other management systems disciplines has particular focus on the principles of auditing, importance of planning, the roles and responsibilities of an auditor, how to gather effective audit evidence and report on the audit findings, and the required follow up activities as an auditor.

The Becoming a Skilled Lead Auditor course is ideal for those looking to gain lead auditor qualifications in order to conduct external or third party audits, as well as providing comprehensive coverage of the internal audit process for those looking conduct audits internally within their organisation.

Auditor (External and Internal)

1 Day Course

Internal Auditor

Internal audits are a key part of any certified system, so make sure you’re at the top of your game with this informative Internal Auditor course!

2 Day Course

Becoming a Skilled Lead Internal/External Auditor

Want to be an internal, or external auditor of any management system? Get started with this scenario based workshop.
Exemplar Global – AU TL

4 Day Course

Quality Management Systems Lead Auditor

Learn to audit against ISO 9001:2015, and maintain a quality management system.
Exemplar Global – AU TL QM

4.5 Day Course

Quality and OH&S Management Systems Lead Auditor

Combine Quality and OHS management systems, and lead auditing skills.
Exemplar Global – AU TL QM OH-45001

4.5 Day Course

Environmental Management Systems Lead Auditor

Gain recognised skills in Environmental management systems auditing against ISO 14001:2015.
Exemplar Global –AU TL EM

4.5 Day Course

OH&S Management Systems Lead Auditor

Gain an international qualification in auditing OHS systems, aligning to ISO 45001:2018.
Exemplar Global – AU TL OH-45001

4.5 Day Course

Quality and Environmental Management Systems Lead Auditor

Understand and implement a Quality and Environmental Management system that align to the new 2015 Standards.
Exemplar Global –AU TL QM EM

5 Day Course

Information Security Management Systems Lead Auditor

Learn to Implement and audit an system that meets ISO/IEC 27001 requirements. Secure your information and data assets.
Exemplar Global – AU TL IS

5 Day Course

Food Safety Management Systems Lead Auditor

Learn to Audit and implement ISO 22000 to secure your food supply chain. Accredited course with (NFSA) scheme.
Exemplar Global –AU TL FS NFS1 NFS2 NFS3 NFS4

5 Day Course

Integrated Management Systems Lead Auditor

Get your auditing qualifications in Quality, Environmental, OHS and Lead Auditor.
EG – AU TL QM EM OH-45001

5 Day Course

Environmental and OH&S Management Systems Lead Auditor

Combine OHS and Environmental Management Systems auditing to align with international ISO standards.
Exemplar Global – AU TL EM OH-45001